The Similar Applications

There is no more application as versatile as the recordable virtual piano. A piano based flash media program, which enables the user to create, record and play music on a handheld device. Music minded individuals are given these great features to create their own original composition. Additionally, there are four beats buttons that are able to be recorded together with playing the virtual piano at the same time. This will allow the user to do playback on previously played tracks and correct some stuff if need be.

The other Versions


This application or program has been created basically to provide anyone an opportunity to play the piano. However, as it turns out, with all the features that have been added to the program, People from the music industry is able to use application productively by creating the rhythm, melody and the basic form of music they want to create. Being able to support the needs of a multifaceted genre of music is a lot close to impossibility, but having this application available on the market just breaks that barrier, making music creation just a touch away.

Unfortunately, the program has been upgraded by other developers; providing more features, which can be said to be irrelevant to creating music but nevertheless, have launched these developers to new heights. Consequently, adding so much into it makes the program run at a slower pace, this makes playback a lot like listening to a whale singing below the ocean. However, others have been successful in eliminating such malfunctions allowing their systems to be a superior version.

Anyhow, the recordable virtual piano is still preferred by more individuals. The simplicity and versatility of the application have a lot more relevance to music, which will more likely help both professional and amateur musicians. This is the basic aims of the developers of recordable virtual piano, and it will remain as is as time pass by.